Monday, June 22, 2015

Beach Running

This past weekend, I got away for a few days. I have to say that it was really nice to set and watch the waves roll up on to the shoreline. There is just something mesmerizing about sound of the waves crashing against the beach.  

Of course, going to the beach would not be the same without the oppressive heat and overwhelming humidity. Literally, I could just walk out the hotel front door and the sweat would just roll down the sides of my face. I couldn’t go anywhere without carrying a towel.

Walking around in that weather is bad. Running around in it is even worse. Most mornings I was headed out the door before 7 AM. The sun would just be cresting over the horizon making for an awesome view of the sun rise.

Best of all, I would just run in a straight line until I got tired. Then, I would turn around and run back. Some days, the head wind slowed my progress. Other days, the wind assisted my journey. While out there, there were people running and on bikes everywhere. I was very much reminded of the time that I spent in San Diego. Now, there is an awesome area for exercising, but I have to say that Jacksonville isn’t far behind. I could certainly find myself going back another time.

I do recommend staying at the Marriot on the beach. In 2 minutes I was out of my room on the beach. Towels and chairs are available so you don’t even have to pack anything. I even rented some body-boards to ride the waves. Often, I am fascinated at how fast my daughters catch on to anything water related. Sometimes I wonder if they are more fish and human.


The sound of waves hitting the beach,

The Cool Down Runner


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