Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Knocking out a mid week long run

Normally, I wouldn't say that a 14 mile run on an early Tuesday morning would be my long run for the week, but right now it is. Luckily, Paul and Megan joined me and made a warm, muggy run bearable. Luck was even more on my side than I care to admit. Within 15 minutes of finishing our run the rain showers sweep across Charlotte soaking everything in its path.
As for the run, it went pretty much as expected. For 8 miles or so, I felt pretty good. Then, my quad started acting up. What do I mean by acting up? Well, it almost like a cramp but isn't. For the most part, it feels this way when I am climbing hills. The longer and the steeper the hill the more that I feel it. Whatever I did to my hamstring or maybe the side effect of running on an injured hamstring has left my quad in this nasty state. Granted, with each passing day it feels stronger and better but I am now approaching 10 weeks. I want it to be healed.  
They say that climbing the mountain is the fun part of training. At this point, the base of the mountain is my goal. Then, I will worry about climbing it.
Climbing the mountain one day at time,
The Cool Down Runner


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