Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Track Wk#2 2015

What a difference that a week makes. Last night scores more runners of all ages were testing the metal at our local summer track meet.  This is just awesome to watch.

They couldn’t have asked for or received a better evening for running in June. With a few rain drops falling and slightly over cast skies, the temperature was way down.  Granted the overwhelming humidity made things a bit sticky but otherwise, a very nice evening for running.

From Jinnie, Stan, and Noah, to Bert, Mark, Rich, Cory, Allen, Sophia, and Bob to the guys from Running Works it was like an all-star cast.

My personal favorite is always the mile. The test between strength, speed, and stamina really shows in this event. Watching 4 x 100 event is equally rewarding. Young, old, mixed teams; they come in all shapes and sizes. Relay races really get the juices flowing. There were so many heats of the 400 and 200 that I lost count. At one point, Tim was helping Tom by lining up runners before the previous heat was finished. And, who could forget Eric running heat after heat after heat of the 400. The evening finished off with the 2 mile event which gives runners one last chance to hit the track. Some use it as a warm down. Others like racing it. Everyone comes away having a good time. 

Next week the 5k is the last event and also is the qualifier for the Championship week’s 5k. This is your chance to run one of the flattest 5k in Charlotte. Come on out and say hi, and remember to smile for the camera.


Best in Running,

The Cool Down Runner




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