Friday, June 26, 2015

Charlotte Summer Track Wk #5

The Fast and the Furious

If I remember correctly, Bobby posted a picture of the temperature on Tuesday evening – 102. That’s not from the track but from his car. The black Myers Park track, I suspect, was easily several degrees warmer. And, it showed as the perspiration rolled from the bodies of the runners as they ran events from 50 meters to 2 miles.

Speed and determination
Remarkable, runners were still posting fast times. Tom and Tim kept things running smoothly and efficiently.  Even with a nice crowd of runners, all events were over and done by a little after 8pm.

Time to Run
I always like to call out a few runners that I saw. Chase at roughly 18 months of age ran his first race – 50 meters. He clutched his mother’s hand and carried his usual smiling face the entire way. JB and Bob, who are both in their mid 60s showed that age is only a state of the mind. JB ran some awesome sprint events. While Bob nearly broke 6 minutes for the mile and ran 2:50 for the 800.

Awesome form. We should all
be so lucky
Watching these great individual efforts only inspires me to work harder.

Running Works finest
Next week is the last week of our local summer track program. They call this Championship week which is where the fast runners from the previous 5 weeks square off. However, don’t be discouraged. There will still be open events as well for those of us that are not the fastest.

Reckless Running at it
Special note, my understanding is there will not be a 3200 next week. There will be the 5000 on the track and there will be a special 4 x 400 event after the 500.

This was the coolest looking runner at the meet.
Sporting a head band, shades, and cool singlet.
What's not to like.
Mark your calendars and show up to some of the best in Charlotte take their changes on the black 400 meter paper clip.


Our photo album and videos from this week's meet are available on our club's FaceBook page.

Enduring our summer heat,

The Cool Down Runner




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