Monday, June 22, 2015

Charlotte Summer Track Wk #4

My apologies, I am nearly a week behind on this post.  Shortly after last Tuesday night’s event, I headed out for a beach trip. A little time away helps return focus to the world around me, but I digress.  

Runners were suffering at new level that I hadn’t seen lately. The air temperature hovered at nearly 100 degrees. I suspect the black surface of the track was even hotter.

You could just tell by the looks on every runners face. The heat was getting to them.

People were soaking water from the coolers. One of the Myers Park guys broke out the wet fans to circulate the air and blow a mist. The temperature between the fans was some 20 degrees cooler.

For this week, I went video crazy. I tried to get lots of the starts and finishes as possible. To see these videos check out the Charlotte Running Club FaceBook page.
Week #5 is tomorrow night and the final week is June 30th. Make sure to take advantage of one or both of these weeks.  

Beat the heat. Run in the shade,

The Cool Down Runner

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