Thursday, June 11, 2015

Finding my stride

Yesterday evening my daughter wanted to start some off season conditioning and drills so we headed over to a nearby high school soccer field.

She wasn’t entirely convinced that warming up was necessary. After all, the temperature was easily pushing 90 degrees at 6 PM, but she tolerated me that it was necessary.

We did a mile easy run around the track. Then, we followed it up with a 10 x 100 meter strides. We finished off our running portion of the workout with form drills: high knees, butt kicks, etc. Honestly, the running did me as much good as her.  Since my hamstring injury I have put as much distance between me and any speedy workout as possible. But yesterday, while I didn’t feel fluid and smooth during my strides, the warm fuzzy feeling of running faster felt awesome.  

I am already looking forward to our workout next week. Hopefully soon, my confidence will rise enough that my racing flats will once again make their way out of my closet.


Keeping it simple and real,

The Cool Down Runner

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