Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Charlotte’s Summer Track Wk #3

Summer track last night received more than its fair share of heat and humidity. Just how bad was it; you might be asking? Well, sweet was rolling down the sides of my face and my only task was to press a button when runners in my lanes crossed the finish line. Now that’s hot.

One of the more interesting aspects of summer to track is to look at the demographic makeup of our participating runners. By and large, you are going to see the majority of the field made up of adult males. Adult women make up a fair portion of the field. This is usually followed by a
contingent of high school runners – albeit somewhat smaller group than adult women. Perhaps the largest group, I never officially counted, are boys and girls under the age of 15. Personally, this is something that we all should be excited about seeing because these are our next generation of runners.    

Changing subjects for a moment, there was a group of women from the Carolina Masters track and field club taking part in the 4 x 100 event. It is good to see that
word is spreading around our Charlotte Summer Track program.

Last night events were wrapped up with the 5k track races. With a fair size group, we saw several runners in the 16 and 17 minute range. More runners finished in the 18, 19, and 20 range. While it was still hot, once the sun set and without any major wind, this was a pretty good night for a track race.

More track will be available next Tuesday night so don’t miss it.

 If you would like to see additional pictures, check out the Charlotte Running Club's Summer Track Wk #2 Album. Sames goes for the video from last night. Everything can be found on the Charlotte Running Club FaceBook page.

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