Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kissing Mother Earth workout

Okay, this morning I promised that I would do Megan's up tempo workout just as it was given to her. If some of you are wondering, this is a posed to the recent weeks where I added more intervals and extended the length of the intervals. Yes, I am guilty as charged for making the workouts longer and harder. But when was the last time a race was easy.

To continue the story, we hit the hill on upper Boyce after a 5 mile warm up for 8 x 1 minute with a rundown recovery. Perhaps 4 or 5 intervals were finished before my legs felt like really running. But I finished them off a little tired but feeling pretty good.

Then we hit the upper Boyce back trail. I am cruising along minding my own business when suddenly a root grabs the toe of my shoe. Pow, I am in a slow motion decent heading toward the ground. I try to twist slightly. I land on the palms of my hands. I bang my elbow and take a decent shot to my shoulder and my cheek. I lie there for a second trying to assess how much damage was done.

Things probably wouldn't have been so bad but I am soaked in sweat. Dirt, leaves, tree bark, and just about everything else is sticking to me. I literally look like I have been rolling around in the dirt which I guess is closer to the truth.

I finally get up and try brushing off some of the debris. A few cuts on my palms and fingers. A nice little cut on my elbow and a little less skin on my shoulder, but the biggest damage was to my pride for failing to stay up right. Fortunately, I expect my pride to heal faster than the rest of my body. It usually does.

So we come out the trail section and it's time for the second half of the workout 4 x 90 seconds.

I am slow to find my footing and it takes me until the 4th one before I am anywhere close to feeling normal. I explain my lack of speed on the blood gushing from arm but Megan wasn't buying it. Well, at least I tried. It was a tiny cut, but there was blood coming out. Okay, maybe not truly gushing but I felt it was close to gushing. It could have been gushing. Well, you had to be there to see it to appreciate it.

We wrapped it up with a couple of miles more to bring the total to 12 for the morning.

Overall, this was a good workout going into my 15 mile race this weekend. My body just need to some TLC so it is ready for Saturday.


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