Monday, August 6, 2012

Gatorade Series Energy Chews

Last week, I was in Harris Teeter picking up some stuff when I came across the "G"atorade Series Energy Chews. The "VIC" price was $1 so I thought I would give them a try. After all, I was planning a long 20 mile run over the weekend.

Okay, fast forward to Saturday morning, I am somewhere in the middle of the Sherman Branch trail running with Mike and Megan. Suddenly it feels like time for a little energy boost. I dig out my "G" Series energy chews and attempt to break-in into the plastic package. I use the term "break-in" on purpose because the darn package was extremely hard to get open. Well, given the circumstances which were me running along on a trail while trying to open this container. I guess I must have worked with the package for at least 1 mile and maybe more. Megan and Mike were probably laughing at me; I couldn't tell. I was still trying to get this darn thing open.

For whatever reason, the genius' at Gatorade decided to wrap the chews in 2 layers of plastic. Maybe if I had stopped, it would definitely have been an easier process. But I want my chews on the go. The guys at Gatorade should realize this was going to be the case. Anyway, I finally did unlock the fort Knox of wrapping paper and get out my 2 chews.

They were okay. I had the fruit punch flavor. There are 6 chews in the package and it weighs about 1 oz.

I guess before I use these chews again, I will make sure the package has been opened and easily accessible.

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