Monday, August 6, 2012

2nd 20 miler of the training cycle

You might not believe it but Marathon season is just around the corner. Most fall marathons take place in the months of October and November in the south east.

This means it is time to start pushing the long runs just a little longer. Unfortunately, we have not said good-by to the summer time temperature yet so 20 milers while the thermometer reads in the 90s can be rough.

This Saturday I was joined my Jamaar, Jinnie, Mike, Stan, and Megan for tour of the Sherman Branch Trail just off Albemarle Road. The leaves offer some protection from the shearing heat rays from the Sun. On the other hand, the trees can block the movement of the air so it can feel a little like running in an oven. Just saying and not that I have tried to run in side of an oven.

Jamaar, Jinnie, and Stan were the smart ones because they dropped off about ½ through the run. Mike, Megan, and I finished one complete look of Sherman Branch trail which is about 11.5 miles. I really don't know why listen to Mike anyway. He kept saying that we only had a mile to go. I don't know how he measures distance but it was one of the longest miles I think that I ever run. A refill of fluids and to drop Mike off, Megan and I went out for another 8.5 miles.

When I finished, my white running shoes were soaked and covered in trail dust. They looked more grey than white. But the trail dust didn't stop at my shoes; it extended right up my legs. I literally looked like I had rolled around in the dirt.

Maybe my only saving grace was my new Nathan's water bottle. Switching hands every 10 minutes and taking 2 sips of water at least made me feel some better. And then there is the adjustment period. When I finish a run with my water bottle, my arms are more tired from lugging along this water bottle. I just hope there is a trade off and it makes my arms stronger.


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