Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exploring the trails at the White Water Center

I cannot remember the last time that I ran the trails at the White Water Center. I am guessing that it has been at least a year and maybe more. That's why on Saturday when I spent 3 hours running those trails, they seemed like new trails again to me and in fact one of the trails was new.

Megan needed 3 hours and I needed 20 miles so everything synced up pretty well.

We started out running the north loop and then came back to the main trail and headed out on the south loop. From there we picked up the carpet trail loop, goat trail loop, weigh station loop, and the toilet bowl loop. This put us roughly at 10 miles and a little under 1 hour and 30 minutes.

As we were closing out the 10 mile run, we spotted what appeared to be a new trail. So after a little refueling at our cars, we headed out to check out this new trail section. They call it, the Lake loop and it has been designated as a green trail or an easy trail. There are a couple of small sections where there is some gravel but for the most part, the trail is dirt or covered with pine needles. I am guessing that this trail is roughly 3.5 to 4 miles in length. This loop probably took us between 25 and 30 minutes running time for a loop. And compared to the rest of the trails, it is relatively flat. I'd even consider doing a tempo run on it. The pine needles were awesome.

The only drawback to running the White Water Center (WWC) trails is the parking fee. The WWC charges $5 parking fee or for those that go regularly, there is a $40 year pass option. If you are eating or plan to buy something, the $5 dollars parking fee can come in to play. Definitely, during a visit read the fine print on the card.

Throwing out another option for trail running in the Charlotte area.


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