Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 x 1 mi with a quarter recovery

This weekend I threw an entry on Facebook to see who might be interested in 5 x 1 mile at Charlotte Christian this morning. Luck was on my side as both Steve and Mike were up for the challenge.

We met at Old Bell and headed up hill to the track.

Once we got to the track, we worked out the final details such as recovery time and starting location. Then, we were off.

Mike and I led out the first mile with Steve setting right behind us. I didn't feel great but didn't feel bad either. Those four laps seemed to take forever as I tried to bring my body up to normal operating conditions. Old engines need additional warm up time.

We clocked a very nice 5:47 for the first mile. As I held my Garmin up to the light so I could see the split. I wasn't sure if it was saying 5:47 or 6:47. It felt like 6:47 but sure enough, the display showed 5:47. Mentally, I was like "Wow". I didn't expect it.

The 2nd mile, Mike and Steve worked it pretty hard and I just tucked in behind. This was "way faster" than I have been running and I wanted to make sure I finished the entire workout. This time we crossed the line in 5:43. Even better was the thought resonating inside my head. Now, I just hoped that I could continue it for 3 more miles.

Steve led out the 3rd mile and for 3 laps kept the pace honest. Then, Mike came roaring by us and pulled the pace down for the 3rd mile to 5:39.

We were pretty close together on the 4th mile. This one seemed slow so I got the sense that they were gearing up for a really hard effort on the 5th mile. But when I clicked my lap split button, the time displayed as 5:35.

My legs were really starting to feel it now, but this is the time where you have to push through it.

We take off on the final mile. For the first two laps, the three of us are together. Then, on the 3rd lap the pace slowly picks up. I am holding my own, but clearly not running as fast as they are. The final lap starts and Mike's pressing on the gas. Steve's trying to stay close. I am thinking hold on and you will still run a decent split. Coming off the final turn, they open a gap on me but I am holding on as best as possible.

Mike runs about 5:29. I believe Steve was 5:30 and I came across in 5:33.

What can I say? This was a real solid workout. They were faster than me, but when I look at it, I am happy with my results. I ran faster than I expected and ran each interval faster than the previous one. When I left home this morning, this wasn't what I was expecting so I walked away from this workout with a great sense of accomplishment.

"Big Thanks" to Mike and Steve. Being honest with myself, I couldn't have run a workout like this one solo. Just having their accompaniment made all of the difference.

Afterwards, we cooled down. Steve headed back to his car. Mike and I caught up to Jay for a mile or so. Jay was making his final run in CLT before heading back NYC. Safe travels Jay.

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