Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 recap of the Tour De Elvis 5k

Life wouldn't be the same if I don't make my yearly pilgrimage to Albemarle, NC for the Tour De Elvis 5k. This would be my 3rd year running this race and I didn't know it when I left home, but I would be tested even before the race started.

The clouds to the west and north of Charlotte looked bad and the rain poured on me by time I reached 485. From there until I reached Albemarle, I couldn't run more than 40 mph hour and couldn't see more than 50 yards ahead. The rain was blotting out all visibility.

Finally, I pulled in to the race parking lot. No one was stirring from their cars as everyone was waiting out the rain.

The storm took some of the sting out of the high temperature but left the road soaked and the air feeling very muggy.

I circled the course as a warm up and then headed back to change shoes. Along the way, I saw Stan and Jinnie out warming up.

The course hasn't changed in 3 years. They still use a split starting line. Runners age 20 and under line up on one side. Runners over the age of 20 line up on the other side or at least this is how it appears to me.

Peter gives us some last minute instructions until his blow horn dies. Then, he yells the rest.

Finally, we are off and running. These two high school kids are out fast and I swing in behind them. We make a right turn and start heading up hill. I am trying to stay with them but my legs are not cooperating. They are slowly gapping me by the time we reach the Y building.

We make the loop around Webb field and start heading toward the finish. My breathing is okay but my legs are feeling so tired. I try to lift the pace but I get nothing. Not an ounce of feeling faster comes from them.

I make the right turn and head down the hill. Then, I make the right turn to the final straight

away. Out of the corner of my eye, I see this kid is close behind. Instinctively, my body tries to pick it up again. I pass the 3 mile mark. I don't have to look now. Something inside tells me that he is closing in on me. I can just feel it. People are yelling his name and people are yelling my name. I am trying to find another gear. I think I do, but then this long legged boy just screams by me. I could do
nothing about it. My legs were spinning as fast they were capable of going. He nips me by a second.

I finished in 17:45 and 4 overall which put me 1st in the 45-49 age.

I would have liked to run faster but who wouldn't want to run faster. But all in all, I am happy with the effort. Peter and his team always put on a great event and that's the major I make the drive over to Albemarle more often than another other place.

Dusk was starting to settle when I finished my 3 mile warm down. I saw Stan and Jinnie again and asked if they would pick up my award because I had to bolt. I had to drive back to Charlotte to meet up with Megan and Jamaar before heading to Hendersonville and a 22 mile trail run the next morning. Be patient, this is coming in another post.

By the way, big shot out to Stan for a sub-19 minute time and to Jinnie who took the "W".

The pictures are courtesy of Peter and his Vac @ Dash Crew. Appreciate you guys taking the pictures.

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