Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4 x 5 min with 3min recovery

My body is letting me know how tired it is as I set here typing this post. This morning I was up at 4 AM and headed toward McAlpine by 4:45. I met up with Adam, Aaron, Mike, and Megan for some warm up miles. Then, Mike, Megan, and I broke off for a little 4 x 5 minutes action.

For the first interval, we headed across Margret Wallace Rd. We would run the section along Harris Blvd first. Mike asked me where we were planning to start to which I replied at Margret Wallace.

So when we crossed the road, I yelled out that we were starting and took off. I figured I needed every advantage to keep Mike and Megan at bay. Since it was dark and Mike turned off his head lamp, I am not sure how much that it worked. We regrouped at the stairs and came back along Harris Blvd on the side walk. I did my best to stay close but on the 2nd hill, my legs finally balked and I had to let Mike slip away. The 3rd interval was back in the park. Crossing the bridge, I put a gap on him but when we hit the 5k course; he came roaring back by me. My legs were feeling totally wasted. Our final interval was heading back toward Old Bell. My legs were finally crying "uncle" at this point. I just didn't have the extra gear that I needed.

We finished it off with a nice mile and half cool down back to the Old Bell entrance.

This was not bad for a first round of up tempo work. All training cycles have to have a starting point. This one was good as any.

So now, I am looking forward to more of these workouts in the coming months. Gotta be ready for OBX.


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