Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2 Nathan’s Hand Helds

Recently, I talked about buying a Nathan's hand held water bottle so I could take some water with me on my longer runs. Well, this seemed to be working okay, so I bought a second Nathan's hand held bottle.

If one works, then why not try carrying two water bottles.

I am here to report that I am 50/50 split on the success of this effort. Yes, the extra water is nice and true; I am finishing my runs stronger now than when I was not taking any water.

But carrying this water hasn't come without its side effects.

One side effect in particular is causing me to struggle.

Here's the situation. I normally don't train while carrying something in my hands. Suddenly, I am doing most of my runs with either one or two 10 ounce bottles.

I am here to tell you that I feel like my shoulders are going to fall off. I would have thought it would be my biceps that would be suffering but no, the deltoid muscles are where I really feel it. After a run, both shoulders ache. Honestly, running shouldn't cause my shoulders to hurt should it?

I know that my body will become accustom to the extra weight. I just hope it is soon.


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