Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Willing to trade one slightly injured hamstring

A few weeks ago, I stressed my right hamstring. A week later, I dumped more stress on it. Then, a few days afterward, I practically felt like I broken it.

Now, sitting becomes very uncomfortable after just a short period of time. Driving is equally as hard because my hamstring is constantly going from a relax state to a contracting state. Thank goodness for cruise control.

My hamstring muscle simply will not totally relax which causes it to pull on the attachments under the Glut. The start of every run now is a session in mental toughness. Try to relax. Eventually, once the hamstring warms up, the pulling on the attachment eases up. The remainder of the run is filled with a dull pain from a hamstring because it just will not relax. My lower forward leg swing is limited.

And believe me, I am trying. I am stretching it. I am icing it several times per day. I went to see Mike at Performance Therapy. I use the stick and foam roller on it. I wear my compression shorts around to help with the swelling.

But I am impatient and want this thing to heal faster.



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