Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life flashing before your eyes

Last night I picked up my daughter to help her with a school project. While we were working on it, she was telling me that she wrecked her bike. She's okay, but she went on to say that when she wrecked, she saw her life flash before her eyes. Now the comedian in me wanted to tell her that it was short film. After all, she is only 12. There is a whole lot of life yet to live. But the Dad in me gave her a hug, a kiss, made sure she was okay, and enjoyed the moment. She will not be 12 forever and will not always want to share those things with me.
Later in the evening, I was thinking back to what she said – about "life flashing before your eyes".
Now, I have heard other stories of people saying that right before some major event, their life flashed before eyes. Usually, based on what I remember these situations occurred when the people were in a near death experience. I have to say near death because if they had died, then how we know. But this is a side bar discussion.
Chances are highly unlikely that my 12 year daughter would have died in her bike accident. And, I am so glad that she didn't. But from her perspective, maybe she believed that she might. This raised a question in my mind. I have been in numerous accidents over the years and have never had my "life flash before my eyes".
I wondered if it was because I always believed that I would survive.
They say that runners have this mentality that they are invincible. They expect to succeed by shear "Will Power".
Because I do have a runner's mentality and might just have a little of the "invincibility complex", I do expect to survive.
Just for the record, in my accidents I either remember seeing the accident happen or see nothing. And, I saw nothing because I closed my eyes. But never have I seen "my life flash before my eyes".
Just another one of life's questions left to ponder when the mind has a free moment.

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