Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recovery Weeks

Last week was to be a recovery week for me. All of the miles were easy with the exception of a little up tempo workout on Wednesday and then a race on Saturday. Usually on recovery weeks by Thursday or Friday my legs really start to bounce back. For whatever reason, this didn't happen last week. Yeah, my legs were feeling better, but there wasn't that bounce in my step.

So when the first couple of miles passed during the race Saturday and the pit of my stomach was already telling me it was not going to be my day. Once that fact is finally accepted (about the top of Capital Punishment Hill), there wasn't much to do but try to salvage the best day possible. This is what I did.

Now, not all of the blame can be laid on my lack of recovery. The race day weather conditions were not ideal with warm temperatures and high humidity. A runner's nightmare scenario occurs when these two get combined. The legs basically feel like junk.

But the body is only half the equation. The mind is the other half. With fewer hours running and riding, my brain was freed from those dubious chores. My brain seems to have gotten the break that it needed or at least I hope it did. Mentally, I feel like I am ready to get back to some good hard workouts.

Now, if my brain can just convince my body of this same thing, I should be good to go.



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