Monday, September 19, 2011

Recovery Week on deck

My last recovery week was three weeks ago heading into the Charleston Distance Run. Two weeks later, my training has been filled with recovery runs, a long interval session, a surge and recovery workout, 2 medium long runs, and 2 x 22 long runs. That's about 190 miles of running; plus I threw in some cycling as well. Truly, more effort than I am accustom to putting out at this point in my training cycle.

Most likely, this is what led to my sore hamstring. To describe how it feels, one has to have run a marathon. It doesn't out and right hurt, but is more like a dull ache all the way up and into the Glut. To me it feels like the last 10k of a marathon where the hamstring begins hurting and feels like it is going to cramp at any minute.

So what am I doing about it? Well, I am still running but I am trying to not alter my stride. As we all know, running with one injury can lead to another and another and another. It becomes a vicious cycle. Thus, I am trying to become "one" with the pain as it exists in its present form. Although, I can assure you that it isn't workout out all that well for me or my hamstring.

Otherwise, I am sporting an ice bag on my hamstring and my Glut. I am stretching it out. In addition, I threw some Ibuprofen at it on Saturday to survive those two races. But I don't like doing it. Inhibiting the pain makes me think that I can run harder which will not do anything to make my hamstring better. However, during yesterday's 22 mile effort I persevered without any Ibuprofen. Those last miles were really hard and it took some encouraging getting to Mike run on. But I do appreciate his willingness to run with me. I was just doing what my hamstring would allow me and living to run another day.

Now, this week is another recovery week for me and ends with the Salem Lake 30k race Saturday morning.

Going into this race I was hoping for some cool temperatures and the possibility of running a solid fast time. With this hamstring bothering me, I have to tailor back my race goals. Thoughts of running less than 2 hours are out of the question. My goal now is maybe 2 hours and 10 minutes. Surviving a 5k with a bad hamstring is doable. Surviving a 30k with a bad hamstring seems less doable.

A wise runner would probably skip this race and run short and easy all week. I just wish I knew one.


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