Thursday, September 8, 2011

3, 2, 1 – we are done

Cross two runner related elements and one gets a jump start to their confidence. This morning certainly helped jump start my confidence.

First, walking out the door the weather was perfect – clear, dry, and cool. Add to it, a solid workout with fast splits and the confidence that it gives is practically overflowing.

And, as I was settling into my chair for work, my legs were all too happy to rest and begin their recovery. Yes, the running work day was off to a good start.

Megan and I started with a several miles of warm up. Then, we started the first 3 mile interval from Old Bell. My legs were trying to settle into our expected pace. The bridge kept asking the engine room for more power. The requests were by and large being ignored because the boilers were slow to come online.

But no fear, by the end of our 3 mile effort the boilers were online and producing power. Next, there came a 1 mile recovery before we were off again on the 2 mile interval. The pace was definitely faster but then it was not overwhelming. Like with any interval workout there is a time to be focused yet relaxed. We had reached this point for me; I was focused on the effort while trying to stay as relaxed as possible.

With the first two intervals in the books, we were already running ahead of schedule. Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to the last 1 mile interval.

For our final mile, we ran the first mile of the 5k course in reverse so we could grab our quarter splits. Pressing my Garmin split and saying "go", Megan bolts head. We hit the first quarter and we are well head of our projected pace. Making the last turn and heading back to the 5k start, I finally pull even with her.

There is no backing down now. The finish line was ½ mile away and the only sounds in the air were foot strikes against earth and hard breathing from hard running.

Crossed over the mile point and slowed to easy pace to recover. I was left wondering – how many perfect days can one man have.


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