Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boys and Girls Club 5k Recap 9/17/11

Another Saturday, another short tempo run was on the agenda. I was kind of up in the air about where to run this workout/race since there was a plethora of races in the Charlotte area this weekend. Megan was up for the same workout and wanted to do the Boys and Girls Club 5k race. So why not, a race is a race.

The Boys and Girls Club 5k was a first year event so it came with the usual issues: limited number of bathrooms and a course that took in more sidewalks than I would like, and no chip timing. But they did have plenty of course monitors which in my opinion was a good thing. Getting lost on a course is never any fun.

The guy blew an air horn and we were off and running. I was hesitating at the start because my hamstring has been sore all week. The more I dig it the more it hurts.

So we head out from the school and I hear foot steps behind me. At this point, I don't know who it is. We go into a parking lot but they are so close that I cannot catch a glimpse of them. Finally, we make a hard right turn and out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of pink. Okay, I now know it is Megan and not some other runner.

We go up the hill and past the mile mark. Then, we turn into this business park and Megan makes a move to go by me. The thought went through my head – "go girl". If you are feeling the MOJO, go for it. We made the turn along 160 followed by another right turn which took us back to the finish. The wind was now at our backs which made me feel better. My hamstring was stinging pretty bad.

Between the downhill and the tailwind, I finally get a gap on her. Yes, getting a gap even a few seconds on her is getting harder and harder. From my perspective, one of the best sounds that any runner wants to hear when he is racing is the absence of foot strikes and hard breathing behind.

And, for the 2nd week in row, I am just barely in front of her at the finish. Makes me think that I am glad I don't have to race her at the trials. 26 miles is a long time to have someone chasing you. And, I could be assuming too much here. The roles could be reversed.

What am I doing now? I am icing down my hamstring. If this is what it takes, I am good with it.

30k is next week and it is a recovery week. Crossing my fingers my hamstring comes right by next Saturday morning.


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