Monday, April 4, 2011

16 x 1 minute with 30 seconds recovery

Early this morning, I began my 2nd taper week with a little speedwork over a 12 mile run. After about 5 miles, I started hitting the 1 minute hard efforts with 30 recoveries between each. With the first few in the bag, I was thinking this is going to be a breeze. My legs have some serious pop in them this morning. I felt like I was effortlessly bounding along the ground.

This feeling continue all the way until I made the turn and started heading south. That's when the rude awakening arrived. I had been bounding along but was being pushed by a wind out of the south.

Now that I was heading in a southerly direction, I was getting stood straight up and starting to feel like I was wading through quick sand.

The human mind can be fickle at times with human emotions running the gambit of highest of highs to lowest of lows in a blink of an eye. Feeding off the highs is easy but driving through the low points is incredibly hard. That's why I only worry about the ground right in front of me. The act of Running forces me to deal with the here and now and there is no need to worry about what I have done or what is coming. I will deal with it soon enough.

Boston is only 13 more days away and the swell of excitement is building.


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