Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hydration – Year round

As we move from the spring months into the hot and humid months of summer, more and more articles appear advising us that we need to drink copious amounts of water. For that matter, these articles always seem to appear with the start of each summer season,.

I mean do we really need to tell people the obvious. Yes, it is hot. Yes, it is humid so yes, you should stay well hydrated.

But where are these articles during the rest of the year. I mean just because you sweat (i.e. water) is rolling down your face during the hot summer months doesn't mean this is the only time of year that you sweat.

I would argue that we need to drink adequate amounts of water year round.

In the fall, winter, and spring months, instead of the sweat beading up and rolling off, it evaporates. So it is not nearly as obvious us that we have lost a lot of water during our workouts.

Moral to this story is when we are working out, we need to drink water throughout our workout regardless of the season. And just because the sweat isn't rolling down the side of our faces, it doesn't mean that we are not sweating and thus not losing water out of our bodies.



So drink-up,


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner

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