Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bike with an attitude

Headed out this morning I was taking my new bike for a long ride today. Just a short time into the ride, I was pulling up to a red light in the bike line. There was car setting at the red light playing its music way to loud. For whatever reason, I guess my new bike didn't like it because it pinched a rock on the tire and the rock flew up against the car with a thud. At the moment, the light turned green and the car drove away. I was left standing at the light with my bike wondering just happen.

Never before have I had a tire pinch a rock which was thrown toward a car. But then, I have never ridden bike quite like this one.

I plan on treating her nice. Otherwise, she might start throwing rocks at me.


That's what happened to the Cool Down Runner on his Metric Century Ride today.

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