Thursday, January 31, 2013

Toughening up the workouts

With just over 6 weeks from my marathon race, I am in the heart of my training. This week and next week may be some of the toughest weeks in this training cycle.

My week started off with a 5 mile tempo early Monday morning. I did a two mile warm up and then headed right into the tempo run. The first mile was 6:05, and the 2nd and 3rd miles were run at 6:00 minutes. Mile 4 was covered 5:52 and mile 5 was covered in 5:47. Talk about tough. I was whipped when I finished. Somehow the last three miles of cool down did seem much easier.

This was followed by another early more run with Megan on Wednesday. We ran about 6 miles before starting a session of very long intervals. The interval lasted 20 minutes. This was followed by a short recovery and then we cranked the pace up again for 10 minutes. We took another short recovery before finishing it off with 5 minutes really hard. This work out was done as part of a 16 mile run. I definitely felt the burn from it.

Tomorrow, mile repeats will be on the to-do list. This weekend, I will hit a 24 mile long run. Next week, I will be back on the intervals with some 800s and then finish off the week with the Cupids Cup 5k.

The following week I will for the most part let my legs rest and recover. They will need it because I will be enjoying scenery around Myrtle Beach while running the ½ marathon. My goals are not set for the ½ as yet. My legs have been slow to recover and I know it's from running too many miles and from running them probably too hard. If I can somehow get myself to give 85% to 90% on race day, I will certainly be happy. I never ask my body to give a 100% until marathon day.

I hope everyone else's training and races are going well. If you are out the next couple of weeks, look me up.


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