Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rainy Day Workout

There are lots of ways to start '13 but I guess the best way is to start it with a workout. Getting something up tempo sets the right frame of mind for the entire year. Although, I have to say; the rain wasn't scheduled in my training plan. But I just considered it one of my many challenges for the day to overcome.

Drizzle was falling when I went out the door and the steady pouring kept me cold and motivated to keep moving in the early miles. About 5 miles into the run, the hill where I do the repeats was looming ahead. I could feel the trickle of cold water seeping down the back of my neck with each strike of my foot to the ground. Ignoring the discomfort is just part of what runners have to endure.

Turning into the hill for the first repeat, the rain began to pick up. Soaking through my shoes, my Brooks Launch and Thorlo socks felt water logged. Three repeats in to my workout my breathing was labored but I was feeling much warmer. With each hill crest, the warmth felt awesome but turning around and jogging back to the bottom allowed the mind to return to the cold soaking rain again.

With repeats 4, 5, 6, and 7, the only noticeable change came in the form of my shoes. Stamping through the water streaming down the hill left them feeling more like cold lead blocks wrapped around my feet than super light running shoes.

Repeat 8 is usually followed by a two and half mile cool down run back home. Today, my cool down was more like an extend tempo run. Rain was soaking through my gloves and chilling my fingers. Spray from the passing cars covered my face and reminded me why I don't like running in the rain. My legs gladly accept the quicker pace without any urging. They like the rest of me was ready to get warm.

The best part was pushing open my front door and feeling the warm air hit my face.

Ah, the feeling of warm air is super nice after running in a cold winter rain.


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