Monday, January 14, 2013

CRC Mileage Program and Awards

When I was elected to the CRC Board for '12, I wanted to add something to the club for the club members. CRC had a lot going for it but it didn't a mileage program. Most every running club has in some form or another a mileage program.

I know not every member is into tracking their miles, but there are a lot of members that do like seeing their miles slowly add up over the course of a year. They also like to see how they compare to other members in the club.

Right from the beginning, members were told; this is not about how many miles they can run or who can run the most miles. This program was about encouraging them to go out the door and enjoy their passion. If they were able to run a little more than 3 miles per day for the entire year, we would have an award for them at the end of the year.

This Saturday night, I passed out some of those awards at South Park TrySports.

TrySports really came through and provided those CRC members running 1000 miles with a really nice plaque.

They also provided a nice food tray and water for those that came by to pick up their awards.

I still have about 45 of the awards to give a way.

The rightful owners will need to see me to pick them up.

-btw if you won a mileage program award, I will have them at the CRC Winter Classic 8k race.


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