Friday, January 11, 2013

2 x 2 mile, 8 x 1 minute

Who knew January would be 70 degrees yesterday and "boy" did it make my work out a struggle. The first two miles of warm up were not bad, but I was sweating. After cranking up the pace for the next 2 miles, the sweat was rolling. Perhaps, it was rolling faster down my face than my legs were turning over. I clicked off a couple of 6:10 miles, but they felt like hard miles

A 1 mile recovery followed. Then, I headed off on the next 2 mile interval. This was a little better 6:05 pace but still slower than I expected.

I trotted along trying to wipe the sweat from around my eyes for the next mile.

I wanted to finish things off with an 8 x 1 minute session. I really feel like I have not done much in the way of speed work in this training cycle. My legs need to know what is like to take it up a notch. I just wish that I had chosen another day for it.

My "up" notch was more like "same" notch. But at least I was trying.

Overall, I give this work out a "B-". Oh, well, they all cannot be "A+" and at least I didn't consider it to be an "F".


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