Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Man Winter does me a favor

In a couple of my recent posts, I talked about doing some fast finishes on my 20 mile long runs. Each of those runs, I felt good going out but then, struggled against the wind coming home. Yesterday, I was not planning to do a fast finish. I just wanted a solid 20 miles under my belt and move on to the next day.

Going out the door, the first thing that I noticed was the wind hitting my face. My first thought was "Oh, great, the very day I choose to not run hard; I get a tail wind on the return trip". Thus, as you might imagine the first 10 miles was not nearly as easy as previous runs.

Turning around, the sun warmed me up and the tail wind pushed me along.

I found myself holding back. The last few miles were all decent splits and I found myself bouncing up the hills. I finished feeling strong.

I do appreciate the favor "Old Man Winter" did for me. Running 20 miles is never easy but on a scale one to ten, this one was easier than most of them.


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