Friday, January 4, 2013

Exploring your weaknesses

Recently, I received some feedback about my writing. The feedback was not terrible in nature but the point came across loud and clear. My writing skills are – well – let's just say - they leave something to be desired. I cannot argue the point. I know it is true and more than one English teacher can probably attest to this fact. The irony of the situation is that I actually enjoy writing. Something about the activity makes me think the time spent on it is worthwhile. I cannot explain it. But as usual feedback from a comment or an email or a post like this one triggers the idea for one of my post. So please pardon my interruption while I write about handling weaknesses.

People often look at strong leaders and they picture them as the most perfect people. They are able to do everything and do it well. In reality most leaders are imperfect. They have flaws. They have weaknesses. This is just part of being human.

If we were all perfect, we would never know feeling of lose or joy that comes with success. Life would be a long boring line of the status quo.

An attribute that makes a really strong leader is the ability to recognize his weaknesses.

The leadership comes into play in how he or she deals with those weaknesses. Everyone tries to hide their weakness because they know that it is a deficient in their ability to succeed. Thus, they try to cover it up.

Covering up weakness can take many forms. What is it that most good leaders do?

Well, once they recognize and understand their weakness, they try to find a way to correct or mask it.

Depending on the weakness, this could mean doing just about anything to offset it. But typically in the business world, good leaders surround their self with individuals that have complementary skills. Then, when a leader has a task that goes into his area of weakness, he can lean upon the people around him to help.

I wish I could say that I was a strong leader, but I cannot. I have plenty of weaknesses. I have too many to count. But hopefully, I have plenty of friends around me that I can lean on. And vice versa, if they struggle, I am here to lean on.

This is what makes us all successful. Right?


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