Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The last few days

Across work, getting my hands around the CRC stuff, the Winter Classic 8k tasks, and running there is little time left for anything else. So if you are looking for an explanation as to why I have not been posting, this is it.

Okay, to recap the last few days, Saturday, I headed out for a 20 miler with the last 10 to be a fast finish effort. The first 10 were covered in 71 minutes. Then, I turned around and headed home. The wind along 115 and then 21 just didn't cut me any slack. Add to it, I wasn't feeling the greatest. Finally, by mile 18, I just shut off the effort and let myself cruise in the last 2 miles. The overall time was 2:22 with a 71 second half. I was disappointed in the effort. I thought I would do better. I really cannot explain my "lacking" of energy. This was just one of those days where I didn't have it.

Fast forward to this Tuesday morning, my workout was 10 x 2 minutes. The first couple of intervals, I felt like I was struggling. I couldn't seem to find my timing. Then, slowing I started to feel things out. The middle intervals were much better, and I finished feeling like I had a few more internals in the tank.

I didn't check the overall time for the run until the finish. I was surprised to see that I had covered 10 miles in 71 minutes and didn't even feel like I had done a work out.

This the strangest part of running. One day, I can feel like I am dragging my body through the toughest of conditions. Then, the very next day, I can go out and feel light on my feet. I am bouncing along with not a hint of stress in the world.

Man, I wish I could figure out the secret, bottle it, and use it every time that I needed it.

Early this morning, Mrs. Hovis and I were out cruising 16 miles and we averaged 7:23. By far, this was the fastest workout that we have run in months.

Like I said, I cannot explain it. I am just here to enjoy it.


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