Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rainy runs = mental toughness

The weatherman predicted a cold, wet, rainy day and I wasn't disappointed. Today, the rain would have soaked through my running clothes no matter how many layers that I had worn. The rain weighed down even the lightest of running shoes. The wind pushed me along on the way but stood me up on the way back. The spray from the passing cars covered my face and body. Along with it, I gained about an inch of road grime. This is the kind of day that makes even the treadmill look all the more inviting.

Nay, did I really saw the word "treadmill".

Not for me, I went out the door and took my cold soaking beating from the wind and rain. I know I am better for it. Those that didn't run will have one less day of training under their belt. But they will also be missing the determination that comes running through some ugly conditions.

Mental toughness is an intangible asset. It is the swelling well of force that drives us forward even when the odds are stacked against us. Physical ability will only carry you so far. Mental toughness picks up where physical ability leaves off and carries us the rest of the way.

If you have not run today in the rain, give it a try.


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