Saturday, February 12, 2011

Video from our tempo run

This morning I met up with Megan, Mike, and Tim for a few miles out of the Business Park. Megan and Tim joined Mike and I for the first 11 miles and then we headed back out for an 8 tempo run.

Just as we were finishing the 1st 10 mile segment we saw Nathan and Derrick finishing up their run. I wish we could have all hooked up but sometime things are just not too be. I am sure those two had a fantastic run.

As for my 8 tempo, well, I didn't tempo the full distance. I had switched out to a pair of Brooks racing flats. My thought process was that I needed to get the feel of the shoes before toeing the line at Boston.

The trouble was that I didn't feel good even in the first mile. My legs were struggling and each hill, I had to work hard to just stay with Mike. And to Mike credit, he wasn't lowering the boom me. He was running 6:30 miles. After about 4 miles, I let him go. I realized I wasn't doing my legs any more good to keep pushing. After all, I just did an 8 mi tempo on Thursday with Megan so 2 – 8 mile tempos in three days is a little over the top for a 46 year old runner hitting 90+ miles this week. Maybe it was just experience talking, but today, I knew that I needed to roll out of it and just finish the run.

For those that are interested, I thought I would share some video from our tempo run. From a pace perspective, we were running about 6:30 miles. Mainly, there was a lot of me following along behind Mike. I kept the video rolling until Mike disappeared out of sight – somewhere close to 6 miles into our tempo.

Everyone should try capturing video while running. I never realized how much I bounce up and down. This is certainly not the way it looks visually to me but according to the camera, I do bounce a lot.


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