Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes you need to follow the signs

This morning, I had this nice workout planned at Mc Alpine with Megan but suffice to say, it didn't happen. Let me back up a little and explain.

Since last Saturday after Mike and I finished our tempo, I have had this tightness in my Achilles. But a little tightness never stopped anyone from running or at least it doesn't stop me. It is one of those things that we all struggle through.

Then, work was really busy all day yesterday and into the evening. I got away for a couple of short breaks for a ride and run but otherwise, I was glued to my computer.

When I finally got in to bed, I forget to set my alarm to meet Megan. I just wasn't thinking or was probably thinking too much about work.

Then, I woke with a start this morning and looked at the clock. The realization set in that there was no way to make it across Charlotte for a run.

I resigned myself to just running from home. So I stretched quickly and strapped on my heart monitor and Garmin. Then, I headed out the door.

Standing at the curb, I tried turning on my Garmin. But I didn't have any luck. My Garmin wouldn't turn on. I think the frustration just about got the better of me. Now, my Garmin was broken. I headed back inside. I pulled out the charger and attached it to the Garmin. Sure enough, the Garmin read that it had "0" charge. I guess when I finished my ride on Tuesday, I didn't turn it off.

So I tried looking around for another watch to do my workout, but couldn't find one.

At this point, I finally accepted the fact that I just needed an easy day. The signs were all there. In every direction that I turned something was turning me away from doing this work out.

Maybe the running gods of above were telling me that I need a recovery day; I don't know.



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