Monday, February 7, 2011

One ugly workout

In a 12 week training plan, the first 4 weeks are not too bad. The 2nd 4 week segment is when the real work gets done. The workouts are longer and harder as we try to toughen our bodies to the coming task.

This morning, I was out running a 2.6 mile loop 3 times with 4 x 1 minute between each loop. The first loop wasn't too bad. The body was ready for it. After a set of 4 x 1 minute and another 2.6 mile loop, my body was less happy to do another 4 x 1 minute. My body was even less happy with the last 2.6 mile loop.

In reality, I am blaming it on an old and tired body, but the truth is this is part of the mental toughening process that I going through. Callusing effect for the mind to push on even when I am tired and would rather quit. Today's workout was the first of many to come.

A couple of other interesting facts from my run, first, I averaged 6:53 per mile for 13 miles including warm up and cool down. I have noticed that some of my workouts are a little faster than I usually like to do them. I am not sure exactly what is causing this to occur, but it is having an encouraging effect on me.

The 2nd thing is my Garmin thinks I am running much more efficiently. I am sure that you want to know how I know this. Well, during my run today I burned just over 800 calories for my 13 mile run which is an average of about 61 calories per mile. Usually, I burn on average about 100 calories per mile. If my Garmin is right, I will be able to run a lot further with the same amount of energy. LOL. Honestly, I am not counting on this to happen.



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