Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you like running up stairs?

In prior life, I practically lived on the stair master at the "Y". It didn't seem enough to just go out and run hills, but I needed that extra satisfaction of pounding my quads in to oblivion.

Thus any article related to stairs for one reason or another has always interested me. I remember reading an article about people out west running up this long rail road grade where the rail road ties were like steps. It always sounded like a good way to totally destroy the quads and make the lungs burns.

Then, there is the run up the Empire State Building. I can just image dying on that climb. At least, there is the elevator to use on the way down.

Around Charlotte, there really isn't something like it. I am excluding both Morrow Mt. and Spencer Mt. I have run both and survived both.

That is until now - Race to the Top. On March 26th '11, they are having a race to the top of the Duke Energy Building. Runners or in this case, I guess you could call them climbers must endure the huge number of steps required to climb 49 floors. There is a limit of 500 people. The cost is $35 dollars.

If it wasn't for the CRC 5k Relay and the Boston Marathon being a couple of weeks down the road, I would give this go. I think just the experience alone would be worth the cost. And who really cares how I reach the top which I am sure would include using my hands as I would most likely be crawling and in total oxygen debt.


If anyone is doing this run/climb, let me know. I would be interested in know how you train for it.



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