Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bear

"The Bear" is a race that has been on my radar for several years now. I have always contemplated running it, but because the race date falls on a Thursday evening, I could never get the logistics worked out.

This year, I decided that I was going to make an all out effort to run it.

To meet my first goal, I needed to register before the race reached its capacity of 700 runners. Yesterday, I inputted my credit card number and this morning, I got an email saying that I was "rookie" Bear participate.

I will not be the only runner from Charlotte going. I saw that Stan has once again accepted the challenge. Mike B is also planning to check this off of his bucket list.

As for me, my goals are simple from here on. I would like to break 40 minutes. But if this isn't possible, I would at least like to live to tell about it.

Besides, I have heard stories that it is faster to walk to the top than run. I guess we will find out. I plan to share a first person documentary of my journey to the top.


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