Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shires of Vermont Marathon

Recently, an email arrived in my inbox about a marathon in Vermont. Receiving a race "fyi" is nothing new. My email address must be on every race director's list in the US and a few foreign countries. Normally, these emails get dismissed to my deleted folder and I move on. After all, I cannot run them all as much as I would like.

But this one cut my eye for obvious reasons. The word "Shires" was in the title of the marathon - Shires of Vermont Marathon.

This got me thinking. How nice would it be to have run a marathon named for me? That is unless I want to change my name to "Thunderroad" or perhaps "OBX". I guess, I could change it to "Boston" or maybe "New York City", but in this case, it is work that I don't have to do.

I checked out the date of the race – May 15 so it is a few weeks after Boston.

Anyone interested in journeying up to Vermont in the middle of May? I have been giving it some thought.


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