Monday, February 7, 2011

Runner No. 56

This morning I got an email with the tentative starting times for the CRC World 100 x 5k Relay event. I got the lucky distinction of being runner 56 of the 100 runners in this attempt. The World record attempt will kick at 6 AM on the March 26th. I will be making my contribution starting roughly at 10:17:26 PM that day. That's pretty late for an old guy like me. I mean, that is my beauty sleep time.

Then, I looked at Mike B's starting 3:24:36 AM. Well, after looking at his starting time, I felt like I got off pretty lucky. Trying to get my body moving in the wee hours of the morning would have been rough. So I am all too happy that I will be leaving that to the young guys like Mike.


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