Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to the hills

After a week away from any time of specific hill workout, I was back running my hard up – recovery and hard down – recovery workouts. Is it making a difference, I honestly say I don't feel any different nor do the workouts feel any easier. Sometimes, it is just about believing in the plan and executing. This is what I am doing now.

After my 12 mile run/hill workout it was off to work for the day. When I finished up work and stepped outside, the weather was perfect for riding. I couldn't let just a nice day pass. Pulling my bike off the trainer, I headed out the door for 20 miles. The ride was a solo effort but it was just what I needed.

Then, it was off of another 4 mile run to finish of the day's brick workout.

Believe in the plan, believe in the plan, this is what it is about.


Thoughts from the Cool Down Runner

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