Monday, February 28, 2011

Status Check Time

Okay, I am back from Disney and I have 7 weeks to go until Boston. Where do I stand?

That's a really good question. Let's review the last few months.

December was filled with a lot of aerobic miles topping out in the low 80s – long runs at 16 miles – with a recovery week the last week of the month. January was much the same with the mileage starting to creep into the low 90s – long runs at 18 miles with some hill work and tempos and again the last week of the month was a recovery week. February was pushed the mileage into the mid-90s – long runs at 20 miles with more hill work, more tempos, and several long interval sets. I finished the month off with a recovery week which coincides with a little trip to Disney.

I like getting out of Charlotte for a few days and traveling to some place warm. Typically, Orlando is nice this time of year. Although, I will say that the walking is tough on the legs and feet. One would think that running would allow me to cruise through Disney fairly easily and to some extent it does. But to a different extent, I am not use to walking and standing all day. Running does little to prepare me for the walking and standing. Thus, at the end of a long day I am ready to set down.

One thing that I do like is access to the Disney pools. The best that I can tell they heat their pools slightly. So either after my run in the morning or after spending all day at the park or both, I would take a little swim. I will compare it to a massage because it feels good. Also I found that I like swimming at night in a pool. I don't know why but I do.

So while it was a recovery week for me, I still ran 80 miles and probably walked another 20 miles. Funny, sometime as long as I keep moving I don't really feel tired until I set down. Then, it hits me. That is kind of what happened yesterday during my long 20 mile run. After just a few miles, it kind of hit me. I thought about cutting the run short, but instead I knew this was exactly how I was going to feel (mentally and physically) in the late miles at Boston. Instead, I pushed on and finished out the entire twenty miles. My legs hated me for the workout, but the mental toughness that comes pushing through it will serve me well at Boston.

So after taking all of the above into consideration, I am pretty happy with my progress to date. I have 4 more weeks of hard training and 3 weeks of taper – giving me 7 weeks to tweak and tune the final adjustments.

Am I on target for a 2:30 something at Boston? I don't know for sure but I hope that I am. The true test will be when I step to the line and head off. Then, about 15 miles I will know for sure what kind of day it will be.


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Stephen Spada said...

Seems to me as though your training is progressing quite well..way to go Bill!