Monday, April 20, 2009

Zero-G Treadmills

Universal Sports is going to web cast the Boston Marathon so I was getting my machine configured this weekend so I could watch it live online.

One of the promo that they were running while I was doing this configuration was of Kara Goucher running on a Zero Gravity Treadmill. This has to be one of the cools things that I have ever seen.

According to the online documentation a zero gravity treadmill can reduce the weight of a runner by as much as 80%. This of course would reduce the pounding on the joints and ligaments which we all know take a huge pounding from running. But the pros and cons of zero gravity running is another topic for another time.

From watching the videos about the Zero-G Treadmills there would have to be some adjust to your running style and form. When I run on a treadmill, I never run in just one spot. Sometimes I run at the front or right at the end. With the zero gravity treadmill, the treadmill keeps you in one spot for the entire run. Maybe this is good thing. It would keep me from falling off the treadmill. The other thing that I noticed is the arm carriage. I tend to carry my arms lower. I wonder if this would force me to hold my arms higher.

I love to try one just to see how it feels.

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