Friday, April 10, 2009

Racefest 10k off the schedule

Looks like I am going to be crossing Racefest 10k off my list of spring races. This is a race that I really wanted to do. Heck, I even thoughts a few weeks ago of jumping in the ½ marathon race.

But when I set down and started looking at the races that I really wanted to do heading into the summer, the Racefest 10k just didn’t fit with that schedule.

Definitely, Skyline and Twilight will be on my schedule. Also the Beach Blast 5k will be on my list. Rob emailed us about another race that he would like us to run as team. As the list of potential races starts to grow, I have to pick and choose. Over racing is tough on the body and the mind. At 44, my racing starts to really drop off when I start race every weekend. Some times I just need the down time to recover.

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