Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

Many of you know that I have three daughters and yes, they all like to hunt Easter eggs. Well, at least two of them get to hunt Easter eggs. My oldest daughter turned 12 last year so it has pushed her out of the Easter egg hunting business.

During the last few weeks there were a lot of Easter egg hunts across Charlotte. To my knowledge every one of them limited the hunting of Easter eggs to children 10 or 11 and under.

We continued our conversation about Easter egg hunting and I received a much anticipated question from her.

She asked “Why don’t they have Easter Egg hunts for people 12 and older?”. Honestly, I told her that I don’t know. I mean I could make a few guesses, but really I have no idea why they do not.

So our conversation continued and after some time we arrived at the conclusion that maybe there should hold an Easter egg hunt for adults. I mean why not. I still enjoy hunting Easter eggs. My daughters love hiding them and then watching while I try to find them. And let me tell you they do a good job because sometimes I cannot find them all.

So why can’t adults hunt Easter eggs. Our idea went something like the following. We would suggestion having a little 5k race with Easter eggs along the course and each runner must find an egg to carry to the finish. If you arrive at the finish line without an egg, then you must go back and find one. We would then tell everyone that we front loaded the course with eggs so pick one up before you get to far into the race or risk have to go back along the course to find one.

I told her that we would pitch the idea to Huntersville Park and Rec guys and even volunteer to help them with it. Who really knows? May be next year, we will be able to have an adult Easter egg hunt on the North Meck. Trail.

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