Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Dreaming

As I set here at work today, I allowed myself to day dream for a moment. Realizing that for the first time in a while, I don’t having anything that motivates me enough to put pen to paper. Or in today’s terms fingers to key board. So I thought I just share some rambling thoughts.

My knee has continues to heal from an early season case of ITB. Proof enough is the fact that my long runs have grown increasingly longer and the intensity of my workout has picked up. This combined with my addition time on the bike shows things are close to returning to normal.

In two weeks, the 2nd Run for Your Life race kicks off at CPCC. This is event is called Skyline 5k and it should give me a good reality check to see if I am continuing to improve. I suspect that I will need every ounce of speed possible. Through the running grapevine, I heard Steve S. was running interval workouts with Jerry C. Running with Jerry can only make you better and I am sure he is expecting to have a great run at Skyline. He definitely has history on his side. He went past me at the mile last year and never looked back.

Then just two weeks later is the Friday night Twilight run uptown. Last year, I remember going out the first mile in about 5:30. Just past the mile point, I took a peek out of the corner of my eye to see the pony tails of Megan H right behind me. I don’t know if Megan will be running in the Twilight run this year. She has been focusing her time on running a marathon in Vermont.

After Twilight, there is a lull in the series racing action until we move to the University 5k a.k.a King Tiger 5k. This is an event that I struggled in last year. The course is great. It was little up hill going out and a little down hill coming back. I remember being well ahead of Steve at the turnaround only to see him come flying by me in the last tenth of mile. A sure sign was that we were moving in opposite direction – me getting slower and him getting faster. Then, I have never been a great hot weather runner. And if history is any indication, it takes me a month or more to get acclimated.

Well, this is enough rambling for today. Maybe a new an enlightening topic will fall out the sky and hit me by tomorrow.


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