Friday, April 17, 2009

Changing a tire

Since my injury in January I have spent considerable time riding my bike. As with any vehicle at some point you have to change the tires.

Well, yesterday was that day. Mind you, I have been putting this off for a while because rear tired is the one that needed changing. In my opinion it is a lot more work changing a rear tire than changing the front tire.

Before I describe the tire change, let me say this was my first experience at changing a rear tire on my mt. bike. Pretty much it was on the job training project.

First, I loosen the rear derail cogs and slipped out the chain. I then loosen the wheel nuts so I could slide out the wheel. Only then did I realize that I needed to remove the brake calipers. I hate removing the brake calipers because I never get them back the same way.

With the brake calipers off and the rim out, I let the air out of the inner tube and pulled off the tire and tube.

Next, I put on the new tire and tube and pressurized it. Crossing my fingers, I hoped that I didn’t make any holes while putting it back on the rim. And, definitely I wanted to do this before putting tire and rim back on the bike. What pain that would be to have to take it off again.

So with the tire in place and rear derailers back on, I tried putting back the brakes calipers. Yep, 15 minutes to change the tire and 30 minutes trying to adjust the brakes so they didn’t drag on the rim.

In the end, they work but I probably need to adjust them again. They don’t stop me as quickly as they did before I screwed them up.

Long story short, I rode 26 miles yesterday evening on my new tire and didn’t have any issues. Bike mechanics of the world look out. 

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