Saturday, July 20, 2019

Never Doubt Yourself

Charlotte is in the midst of a full summer time heat and humidity event, and I am feeling every bit of on my long runs. I finished up a 22 mile trail run this morning, and I couldn't have completed it if I hadn't drank nearly a gallon and half of water. Actually, it was Tailwind. I have to have those electrolytes and glucose to keep me going.

As I was churning through those final miles, I was wondering which was worse: the building fatigue in my legs, suffocating heat and humid surrounding me, or pouring of sweat off my body. I really hate hearing my shoes go "swoosh" with every step.

Mentally, I find these summer time runs to be some of the hardest to endure in my training. I find myself questioning why I am out there. Of course, I also question why I am out there in Jan when it is 25 degrees, but then, the heat of summer seems so far away.

But I have to keep reminding myself that the work I put in now will help me this fall. The mental toughness that carries me through each of these runs will make strain of those fall race seem so much easier.

So when you are out there, and you start questioning why, just remember, these runs give you the mental toughness to overcome anything that you will face this fall. 

Never doubt yourself.

The Cool Down Runner

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