Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Winter Break Beach Trip

With Charlotte experiencing plenty of chilly weather these days, I decided to skip town for a few days and take in some sun and surf along the Florida coast line. Keeping with my tradition of taking in a new beach, I picked out one near Fort Pierce, Florida and one near Jensen Beach Fl.

While the water was still on the chilly side, the weather was nice for hanging out on the beach. I setup my chair and sun umbrellas. Then, I just set back, relaxed, and listen to waves hit the shore line.

Of course, I was still running. I found this nice little hotel. Just outside the door, a nice wide running path existed which paralleled the road for at least the 4.5 miles out. I don't know how much further it went, I didn't go any further. I'll have to save it for another trip. But it was flat and straight. Just what a tired runner needs for some down time. No hills or need for thinking. Best of all no heavy gear required. Only a daily attire of shorts and t-shirts were needed..

Now, I am back in CLT, and I am freezing. Likely more so now, given I went from 70+ degrees to the teens. I left Florida wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I got out my car wearing pants and heavy coat.

I guess that is the way it goes. We all have to return to our lives at some point.

The Cool Down Runner

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