Monday, January 15, 2018

Living the Sauna Life

This morning the temperature was a crisp 25 degrees when I edged out the door for my run.

Those first couple of miles can feel a bit cold as my body shifts from enjoying the warmth of the inside to having to generate my own body heat during a run.

Then, when I finish, my body needs to readjust. Most days a nice hot shower usually does the trick. This wasn’t working for me today.

But as I headed back to my locker at the Y, I was walking past the sauna. I had the time so why not spend a little time in the sauna.

I pulled open the door and stepped inside.  Man, 190 degrees never felt so good. I spent the next 20 minutes setting on the bench just soaking up the heat.

Stepping out was still an abrupt change, but at least now, I felt nice and warm.

On these cold days, I wish I had a sauna built right into my house, but for now, I will settle for the one at the Y.

Feeling the warmth in the Sauna,

The Cool Down Runner

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