Saturday, January 6, 2018

12 Degrees

After a couple of weeks away from the trails, I was itching to hit them again. When I say “hit” them, I mean this thinking figuratively rather than literally.

Funny how thinking something makes it come true.

A little more than three miles into my run on the East Main Trail, a rock jumped up and grabbed my foot. I stumbled forward landing on my right side. Almost immediately, I set up. Flexing my hand, arm, and shoulder, I wanted to make sure nothing was broken.

Luckily my kissing of mother earth left me with nothing more than a bit of soreness that lasted for the next few miles, and black and blue bruised ego. I am pretty sure in a day or two my ego will be back to normal.

One of the changes that have really shocked my body is the temperature. Last week I was setting on the beach where it was nearly 80 degrees. This morning, I stepped out of my car where temperature was hovering around 12 degrees.


That bites.

I actually broke out some of my really cold weather gear. I have several pairs of extra heavy tights and tops. They have proven their worth numerous times over the years. However, while living Charlotte, I may only wear them once or twice per year.

Anything above 20 degrees is really too warm to wear them. As most runners know, on a cold day there is nothing worse than sweating only to turn into the wind and get chilled to the bone.

Fortunately, trail running keeps most of the wind at bay, as the wind tends to rise up and over the trees.

The roads, however, are another story.

On Thursday, I was finishing up a road run which takes in a long straight section. The wind was blowing “O” so hard. My pace was grind nearly to a halt while I attempted to push through it. Chill from the wind cut right through my clothes.

If the weatherman is earning his paycheck, we should be out of this deep freeze sometime next week. As funny as this sounds, I am looking for to lows in the 30s again. Getting outside will feel quite bommy again.  I cannot wait.

Here’s hoping that your running is going well, and you are staying warm among these extremely cold days.

The Cool Down Runner


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